Our project

Eatness Srl started life with the first certified nutraceutical olive oil in Italy, which is naturally rich in antioxidant properties.

Our second product is a tomato puree with an extraordinarily high presence of natural components that make it a powerful antioxidant.

At Eatness, we offer a natural, healthy lifestyle.

All our products are made with concern for the environment, selected raw materials and the desire to offer solely products with a high gastronomic profile.

What is innovative about our products is that we have developed a manufacturing process that seeks to preserve the beneficial properties that are naturally contained in the fruits of the earth. We invest in research and development with the support of researchers, chefs, nutritionists and experts in tinned and bottled food products.

We offer base products with numerous health properties that can be used to prepare delicious meals every day.

EATNESS products are suitable for everyone who takes care of themselves by using products that are good for you.

MyEATNESS, for my health.

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